Anything can happen. I suppose aliens could invade our planet tomorrow just like the movie “Mars Attacks”. I don’t know. All I can do is outline the top 3 doomsday scenarios that concern the more [More]
Countdown to Doomsday on Alien Attack – #9 on the list of Doomsday threats See more about this here: Count Down to Doomsday (preview)
Nuclear blasts compiled into the video i put together for this track, It is my favorite Smashing Pumpkins track. Inspired by another video i saw on you tube.
With the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists “doomsday clock” at two minutes to midnight, President Trump carries out his threat to ditch the INF treaty with Russia, negotiated by President Ronald Reagan. Secretary of State Mike [More]
The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces agreement is one of the most important international treaties and its cancellation will mean a full return to the nuclear arms race and closer to nuclear disaster, says Peter Kuznick of [More]
Today News – Russian media threatens US with 100 megaton nuclear doomsday device after key arms treaty fails File photo shows Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) watching a launch,18 February 2004 at the Artic cosmodrome [More]
An absolutely insane Doomsday Destroyer!
Just as it showed in 2018, the Doomsday clock, overseen by The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, showed the world 2 minutes from midnight.