Justice Lords vs. Doomsday! Superman Deprives The Will Of Doomsday!

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(Episode: A Better World. Animated Series: Justice League. The legal owner: WBTV.).

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Brandon Matthews says:

Doomsday sounds like Micheal Jami White. That gotta be him.

jahrta says:

You mean to say he could have done that this entire time? Then why did he allow the fight to go on as long as it did, endangering the lives of his team and all the people in the city, while simultaneously standing idly by as doomsday caused billions of dollars worth of damage?

Alessandra Mascalchi says:

superman justice lord is the strongest superman ever

xXGrEyZXx says:

Must be nice working as a prison officer in Metropolis when Lex keeps entering prison , free TV free SUV , what else ?

MrZboii says:

Can you imagine if Doomsday didn’t conveniently exploit MMH’s fire weakness? He’d be dead 😂😂 J’onn did more damage in two punches than Superman did the whole fight afterward 😭

Ryder Wilson says:

Is ok if I’m in love with Lex Luthor? He’s very smart to know things people don’t know

Spencer Knox King Neloms says:

Ww fine ASF

Masen G says:

Superman needs to learn how to fight

JustSomeGamer says:

I can't recall if it ever happened in the comics but I have to ask, since doomsday just adapts to whatever almost killed in if Barry (or Wally) were to pull him into the speed force would he just adapt his way out? And as a result have access to the speed force?


Sooooooooooo yall just gonna walk away right after defeating a mass murdering alien creature for police to deal with………………….right i gotcha

Angel Ricardo Espinosa Villegas says:

New invulnerability: lazer lobotomy

Victor Espino says:

Wtf are the cops gonna do lol

catsndogs98 says:

Superman just dunked on him

Joseph O'neill says:

I would like to see doomsday fight the superman again.

professorrob says:

Talk about nobody behind the wheel

Fearsome Kiwi says:

Not the most humane, but as an alternative to killing "super villains" it's quick, efficient and less people die. If only that wouldn't cause them to run out of bad guys to catch lol

Ryan Blackston says:

Lord Justin

EquestriaKnight234 says:

would would happen if these guys met Injustice Superman?

Douglas Snyder says:

You know, I originally thought that is what Superman should have done to General Zod in Man of Steel before sending him back to the Phantom Zone if the movie was made a bit better. Then I realized that it would have been best for them to have a heat-vision duel, leaving Zod's eyes burnt out, & then sending him back to the Phantom Zone with the rest of his insurgents.

Eric Buchanan says:

Should shrink him and put him in a tube

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