Ultimate Doomsday Survival Truck Build! (Part 9) with EVERLAST Welders!

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Everlast Welders’ Main Website:


Machines used in this build:
Everlast Power iMig 205:


Everlast PowerTig 200DX:


Everlast PowerArc Stick Welders:


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Powermax45 on Hypertherm’s Website:


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Nicci McLeod says:

maKe a roll cage

Back Seat Garage says:

Wow I thought that that would be way more complicated.

jdrains16 says:

Did adjusting the level of the truck change the level of your front bumper / winch?

PanamaSabroso says:

Here in Virginia we can't use leaf spring blocks in the front. Kinda sucks I have blocks only in the back of my truck and its all hunched haha

Michael Peake says:

would you shut up about your bloody welder haha

BWT12554 says:

I am a new subscriber and have been thinking of building a bug out truck myself. I like your video series on this and I think I will use many of your ideas on my build when I start. Two things I would do differently are I would attach the winch in the front with a drawbar like someone would use to tow a trailer with and you have in the back of your truck. This would allow me to relocate the winch to the back in case I wanted to pull from that direction. Also I like very much the idea of using a CB radio for emergency communication, I will do that and also install a mobile Ham Radio set, Many areas have Ham Radio clubs that do community service work in communicating for people during emergency situations. Other then those two areas, I like your build. Now I have to watch your series on "Teach yourself stick welding" and "Teach yourself Mig welding. Your instruction makes me think that these things are with in my abilities though I have never welded before. Thank you for the work you put out on these videos.

Benjamin Guillot says:

No glass guards?

mechtheist says:

If anyone comes asking if ya got any food, you just tell'em "I do now"

I haven't seen any of your videos for a while, didn't know you moved to Texas, you're a neighbor now, howdy, how's it going?

Mark Fryer says:

70 U.S gallons = 265 litres thats a good amount of water for several people.

Karl Staaf says:

70 gallon of water over the rear axle is a whole lot. You should look to install ad on air suspension in the rear so you can counter the weight.

Hardwood Hollow Skills Channel says:

Great videos as usual. Just a thought. When others were mentioning the surplus military trucks. They may have been referring to the 1 ton surplus military Chevy pickups or Blazers. Anyway good to see how you continue to improve your skills and the educational factor of your videos is partly why I keep coming back to watch more.

Frank Garrett says:

i hope you consider putting helper springs in that thing if you plan on carrying that much water, not to mention all the other thins you would need for "survival"

ouarkie says:

@2:31 that's what she said!

desalvo66 says:

Lance, u wouldn't need a doomsday truck, if didn't do the the rancher's daughter.. that's one angry rancher..

v1antbo says:

do you breath when you talk…??   

Caydon Miller says:

they have different types of military surplus vehicles , like a suburban with the diesel and lockable diffs, which is a must in a survival situation, it would suck when you go over a culvert and one wheel looses traction and your stuck in you bug out vehicle :/……so do what everyone does …….and weld the diff xD  

TenthAssasinO says:

Your garage at the end looks like a scene from dexter

Wooden Gems says:

all you need now is 38 – 40 in tyers

MatManification says:

I like the overall idea of the build, there has obviously been a lot of thought put into it. I think there's a lot of extra weight added from all that steel that will put excess strain on tyres/suspension etc. also, maybe a hatchback type door would of worked out better? Doesn't seem like u can open/access the back when the jerry cans are on there. That could have been avoided multiple other ways by like a swing arm or something. Like the videos though. It's good to see someone challenging themselves and training their skills.

Craig Marshall says:

The problem is – the lowest parts of the truck are the axles and diff and all that stuff between the wheels. With a lift kit, none of that stuff moves, so there's no extra ground clearance. The only real way to raise that is larger wheels and/or tyres, unless I misunderstand.

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