An IDIOT’S Guide to DOOMSDAY PREPARATION – 8 Things You Must Know

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My name is John Frycek. I’ve been a licensed private investigator and personal protection specialist for over 27 years. I know a thing or two about preparation.

With the world in crisis, many people are preparing for the worst. Not to mention terrorism and natural disasters, the decline of the dollar could signal a zombie apocalypse. These are not the zombies in movies however. These are people just like you and me, with no means to support their family. They will take to the streets using any means necessary to take what they need.


This video series gives you basic information that gives you a fighting chance in the event of natural and unnatural disasters, terrorist attacks or any other doomsday scenario. From planning and mental preparation to the supplies you need,

An IDIOT’S Guide to DOOMSDAY PREPARATION covers it all.

The Chapters of this series include:

1) Strategic Communication
2) Personal Protection
3) Food & Water
4) Lights & Illumination
5) Health & Hygiene
6) Know Your Amigos
7) Normalcy Bias & Cognitive Dissonance
8) Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Attack

Each of these chapters are available for viewing in the playlist.

John Frycek is a licensed private investigator with Special Solutions, LTD and Total Security spy and security product store. John Frycek is a veteran, licensed private investigator and executive & personal protection specialist. For more information visit:

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Carlos Morales says:

great video!!!!! thanks

ApocGuy says:

1500 cals? yeah if you are sitting all day… not enough if you have to do any physical tasks…

PapierVersnipperaar says:

Toothpicks! One of the most essential things for me, i go crazy if i feel something between my teeth

Novashadow X says:

This guy look like the guy from Cloverfield 10 lane

TheDallasDJ says:

Thanks, great video for the beginner who needs some direction. ^5

ash schneider says:

This guy is amateur night about water.

Nola West says:

Thank you for giving me – a single mother of two & completely alone – advice & info. You made this subject pain free & easy to understand! You're awesome; I wish I had someone like you around in the event that we go under as a Nation or we have a catastrophic event…
I subscribed & want to do what you suggested, but I have to tell you – – – I'm afraid! I've been told that some people (who we've known & liked a lot forever) are informants for the higher-ups. That they've been watching us since they moved into our town about 30 to 40 yrs. ago.
How'd you like that? I just don't know what to do, & in fact, I'm afraid to even write this to you. Do you have any advice on this? I'd appreciate it!!! Thanks again.
~ peace

thelastcashew says:

What if you want to vote mother-in-law out of the tribe ?

phaelin says:

Zombie acopalypse? lol. Like this vid tho.

Buckminsterfullerene Coraxprogeny says:

Is love to see more! Thanks for sharing!

GenLeeConcepts says:

Thanks for sharing this, John…I liked your video, your comforting voice and the presentation. It reminded me of some true needs. Of course, it further pushed home a need for a final decision as to remaining in the city or accepting…'the country'…a real tough choice for me at 57. <ugh> Thanks again!



dsarti1 says:

that  mainstay ration is a 3 day lifeboat ration, double the intake if your busy with physical activity. Alot of your numbers are off

Superdan187211 says:

close to the expressway is NOT good .. when shtf in the past shows us about 1 mile from hi ways gets striped of whats  there people don't walk much more then that

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