The Russian Space Agency is preparing for a mission to intercept an asteroid that could hit planet Earth in 2036. The Russians are planning to invite the Americans and Chinese to participate in the mission [More]
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Bennu is an asteroid that’s .3 miles in diameter that some models predict will have eight close calls with the Earth in the future. NASA is sending a craft to greet the asteroid. Patrick Jones [More]
A 2010 US commercial for Bud Light. If tomorrow never comes. Just have fun ! Une publicité américaine réalisée en 2010 pour Bud Light. Si demain n’arrivait pas. Contentez-vous de vous amuser ! Plus de [More]
DISCLAIMER – Using windows movie maker I have edited scenes from Armageddon & Knowing using the 28days theme as a soundtrack. Just for fun only
This asteroid called 2017 AG13, nearly hit earth a few days ago. University of Arizona’s Catalina Sky Survey. This asteroid was between 50 to 111 feet long going 9.9 miles per second. —————————————-­­­­­­­­­­­­­———— MORE VIDEOS [More]
● Discovery Channel – Large Asteroid Impact Simulation (2008). Earth was born as a result of repeated asteroid collisions, the moon was created by a single giant impact event. Then, Earth’s size attracted huge meteorites, [More]
A Year in Champagne Movie CLIP – Cellars (2015) – Documentary HD
My root cellar /storm shelter I hope you can get some ideas from my video.